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Business Transformation Consulting, Digital Transformation Consulting, Change Management Consulting in Phoenix Arizona

Education Workshops

Getup-to-date insights, strategies, and best practices on a variety of Business and IT topics, customized for your company. Each workshop is guided by subject matter experts in interactive workshops designed for small groups with our compliments.

MSSBTA offers problem-solving education workshops tailored to organizations of any size. Our small, interactive seminars are designed for groups up to 10 and can be held at your work site or a location of your choice. In just 90 minutes, participants will gain insights from our knowledgeable team members on the latest topics as well as worksheets and checklists they can take away with them.

Organizational Change Management (OCM) Workshop

When an organization decides to embark any organizational change, it asks its employees to adopt and trust an unfamiliar new way of doing things. While the “technology side of change” gets most of the attention, executives often underestimate, and fail to properly account for, the “people side of change”.


What your team will learn:

  • Common misconceptions of change management

  • Applying change management at the organizational level

  • Impacts of poor change management, and benefits of successful change management


Numerous organizations have relied on our OCM experts to implement positive change. In this workshop our OCM experts will share best practices and answer your questions based on their deep knowledge and practical experience.


Who should participate:

  • Procurement Specialists

  • Agency Executives

  • Executive Sponsors

  • Change Leaders

  • Team Leaders experiencing change

Business Process Improvement (BPI) Workshop

Before implementing any new change, be sure you know which processes need to be optimized. Skipping this could result in wasted time, money, and productivity.


Key takeaways:

  • Why business processes you choose to deploy and rely on matter

  • How BPI works, common methodologies, and best practices

  • Benefits of fully optimized processes throughout your organization


Our process improvement experts have years of practical experience in a variety of industries, including public sector. They will share first-hand experience, lessons learned, real-world case studies, and answer your questions.


Who should participate:

  • Procurement Specialists

  • Agency Executives

  • Department Leaders

  • Project Managers

Vendor Selection Workshop

An organization should select a vendor that shares its goals and aligns with its operations. Vendor Selection is the process in which an organization chooses a software, solution provider, or systems integrator, but there is so much more to it than that. There are RFPs, demos, scoring, contract negotiations, and more.


This workshop covers:

  • Vendor selection process that includes reference checks, reviewing responses, Q&A, issuing RFP, and defining requirements

  • Critical success factors in vendor selection

  • Benefits of working with a third-party vendor selection partner


MSSBTA consultants are no strangers to vendor selection. They have worked with some of the largest organizations in Arizona, guiding them through the vendor selection process and ensuring they get the right vendors for their needs.


Who should participate:

  • Procurement Specialists

  • Agency Directors

  • Chief Technology Officers

  • Department Leaders


Strategic Planning Workshop

Strategic planning is an essential aspect of every organization's success. It enables executive leaders to identify their goals for the organization and helps the organization move forward with direction and purpose.


What your team will learn:

  • Setting the right strategic goals for your organization

  • Getting buy-in throughout the organization

  • Implementing the strategic plan – what success looks like


The MSSBTA consultants leading your Strategic Planning seminar have years of experience and have held positions including CEO, CIO, CTO, and other executive roles. Their knowledge and application of strategic planning will blow you away.


Who should participate:

  • Procurement Specialists

  • Agency Executives

  • Department Leaders

Digital Modernization Workshop

Digital or IT modernizations are complex endeavors that upgrade technology to align it better with organizational needs. While the Software Vendor (SV) and Systems Implementer (SI) are primarily focused on key activities involving technology, there are several activities they expect the client to address. These are critical steps encompassed in the modernization process and require significant skills and effort.


Some of these activities are:

  • Vendor selection and contract negotiation

  • Business case development or a Project Investment Justification (PIJ)

  • Business requirements gathering and creation of a Request for Proposal (RFP)

  • User Acceptance Test (UAT) plan creation and test execution

  • Organizational Change Management (OCM)

  • Training strategy, planning, and delivery

  • Legacy data migration

  • Independent third-party oversight to align and lead all internal/external stakeholders


What your team will learn:

  • Holistic view of the entire Modernization journey

  • Understand the motivations and perspective of the external stakeholders involved (software vendors, systems implementors, training providers, specialized service providers etc.)

  • Assess your organization’s ability to meet the skills and bandwidth demands

  • The importance of staffing critical roles in a timely manner

  • Impact of not completing vital activities effectively


MSSBTA has decades of experience delivering these “Digital Modernization Success Services” to commercial businesses and public agencies. We fill critical gaps in client skills and bandwidth to ensure that critical roles are staffed and activities on the critical path are completed. Our consultants are experts at making sure your technology modernization initiative provides the business value expected from it.


Who should participate:

  • Business and IT Leaders

  • Agency Executives

  • Sponsors of technology modernizations

  • Executives leading specific functional areas (Purchasing, Operations, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Finance etc.)

Business Transformation Consulting, Digital Transformation Consulting, Change Management Consulting in Phoenix Arizona


Business Transformation Consulting, Digital Transformation Consulting, Change Management Consulting in Phoenix Arizona

Maximize your technology and business investments.

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