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Case Study: ERP Organization Readiness Project

Client Detail:

The client, a growing $1+ billion transportation logistics company headquartered in Arizona, was preparing for business expansion. The company needed to prepare for an ERP System implementation and faced an aggressive timeline for full implementation.

The Challenge:

Prior to MSS Business Transformation Advisory (MSSBTA) coming on-board, the client went through an ERP product evaluation and selected a cloud ERP solution. The client needed an un-biased third party to help them evaluate implementation partners and to assist in the overall planning of the implementation.

MSSBTA engaged with the client to perform an ERP Systems Readiness Project focused on three key areas:

  1. Evaluation/Selection of cloud systems integrators

  2. Development of an Organizational Change Management plan

  3. Development of an implementation schedule

Our Solution:

MSSBTA used our proprietary ERP methodologies along with industry best practices from sources like Gartner to develop an implementation plan that considered the resources available to implement. Systems integration vendors were also evaluated to identify the right vendor that would provide the optimal implementation experience for the customer.

The ERP system implementation also involved Organizational Change Management. MSSBTA completed an impact assessment and developed a Change Management plan that aligned with the client’s aggressive 9-month schedule.

The Results:

During the 3-month engagement, the client realized several benefits including:

  • Reduced implementation cost, saving several hundred thousand dollars, through MSSBTA’s help in selecting a systems integrator and taking the lead in contract negotiation.

  • An executable project plan to meet their aggressive timeline with the resources available.

  • A documented Organizational Change Management (OCM) plan to ensure successful training and adoption of the new system.


  • Leadership, Governance, and Accountability

  • Systems Integration Evaluation RFP

  • Implementation plan inclusive

  • OCM plan

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