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Case Study: Agency Invests in Digital Transformation Success

Client Detail:

The client is an Arizona state agency that needed to update their legacy licensing system to one that is modern and further enables their growth as a competitive agency.

The Challenge:

The client had a challenge in front of them; update their legacy system to improve their workflow to provide improved functionality around licensing. The Agency wished to transfer their legacy system into a faster, more efficient eLicensing system. This meant hiring an implementer who would work towards their paperless objective. However, the decommissioning and implementation process faced some delays causing the project to stall.

As a result, the client needed to ensure the original business requirements still matched their current needs and objectives. At this point, MSS Business Transformation Advisory (MSSBTA) was engaged to assess the project and determine how to get it back on track.

Our Solution:

The client requested MSSBTA organize the original project. So, we established a clear project status reporting structure, verified the project’s goals and objectives, and finalized the project work plan. Then, the client requested documentation of current state project performance, including:

  • Requirements

  • Governance Deliverables

  • Risks Issues Staffing, and

  • Project recovery plans

MSSBTA immediately conducted a high-level objectives assessment that reflected the client’s current state. Consultants assessed the project by evaluating program structure, IT risks, governance, adoption and deployment strategy, communications, training plans and readiness risks.

MSSBTA examined if the business requirements of the original project plan aligned with the client’s current needs. Additionally, they assessed the vendor’s capability of supporting the implementation with limited liability.

Through these deep-dive audits, the client could determine if their current path and structure would help them be successful, or if they needed to re-evaluate their course of action.

The Results:

MSSBTA analyzed the existing system and compared the current and future state requirements. The existing parameters of the implementation project did not cover all parts and pieces needed to support the client’s future state vision.

MSSBTA recommended investing time to explore other implementation options. Informed by this high-level assessment, the client was confident to move forward toward a fully executed and successful digital transformation.


  • Leadership

  • Governance

  • Accountability

  • Current State Analysis


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